Etamine Paris

Newsletter 3

17 March, 2019

Coming from the Etamine collection by Zimmer & Rohde, the positive colours of this part of the collection evoke the freshness of summer on the Côte d’Azur and its Mediterranean charm. All will appreciate the hand-weaving process used to create these magnified houndstooth patterns. The Petite Terrasse fabrics make for a lovely complement to the other pieces in this summery collection.

This part of the Etamine collection by Zimmer & Rohde is inspired by the ‘Journey to Tunis’ the artists Klee, Macke and Moillet made in 1914. Influenced by oriental flair, these fabrics have a fairytale-like, heavenly quality. Both themes display a seductive pattern of light, while their compositions create a compelling and exciting atmosphere.

This multi-purpose chenille fabric is perfect for upholstery. With a matt finish and an 80 000 Martindale rub count, this texture-rich fabric has an inviting characteristic that makes one want to nestle in. The colour palette varies from a faithful array of whites, creams and beige to more punchy tones of reds, greens, blues and yellows allowing one the convenience of using this collection across all schemes whether classic or contemporary.