Fabric Library Express

Newsletter 2

14 February, 2019

Fabric Library Express offers a variety of qualities ranging from curtaining and sheers to upholstery at competitive prices.

  In a selection of various plains, patterns and textures, Fabric Library Express is the perfect foundation collection suitable for all interior schemes.

Memphis is an 80's design movement and its revival can be seen in the new Osborne & Little Collection by Margo Selby.

In rebellion against the austerity of modernism, this trend emerged to contrast the monotony of function based design by focussing on more eccentric, dramatic and expressive styles.
Inspired by the recording artists from Memphis and Motown, this collection displays a variety of woven fabric qualities, including cut velvets and wool.

The retro and nostalgic character of the Memphis Collection definitely evokes feelings of a different time and place.





Margo Selby, woven textile designer and artist, talks us through the design process behind her bold and luxurious fabrics, her striking use of colour, and the inspiration behind this new collection.

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 Trends are cyclical and the Memphis style is no different. Learn more about different designs that are making a come rel="noopener noreferrer" back.

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